Beer by the crate

Beer by the crate

Beer By The Crate Service - Money back on your returns

Much of our German and Belgian beers are available to buy by the returnable crate. 

If you buy beer by the crate, and return it with the rinsed-clean bottles, we will give you your deposit back - about £7 or £8 (depending on the beer).

You can save a bit and the bottles get reused.

Typical beer we can do this with are (but not restricted to)

  • Augustiner Helles
  • Edelstoff
  • Tegernseer Helles
  • Andechs Hefeweisse
  • Schlosser Alt
  • Lowenbrau Original
  • Orval
  • Kwak

German beers tend to come in cases of 20x500ml bottles, whilst Belgian beer are generally 24x330ml.

Example: a crate of Augustiner Helles (20x500ml @ £3.35 each) normally costs £67 or just £60 if you return the crate AND the clean bottles. A cost saving of about 11% in this example.

Your favourite not listed? Contact us to see if we can arrange it.

To get your full deposit, you must return the crate and all the bottles, rinsed out. 

The offer only applies to full crates of the same beer type.
We can't accept returns of mixed bottles, sorry. If you buy a crate with mixed bottles, you must recycle the bottles yourself and a deposit will be given for the return of the crate only.

Whilst we generally carry stock of some of the more popular items it's probably better to arrange a case in advance.

Please note: This service is for in-store shoppers only. We can't arrange these returns with our online customers, sorry.

Also note, this deposit applies only to 

Call us (Portobello - 0131 2583024, Dunbar - 0131 285 1003) or email to chat