Verdant  - Little Mountains We Move 6.5% (440ml)

Little Mountains We Move

by Verdant Brewing

We love a geeky collab, especially when we get to buddy up with our yeast partner Lallemand. A new yeast is a-coming and we've jointly written a recipe that's the definition of crisp drinkability! Cold Fermented IPA: zippy bittering, super pale and crisp, finish led by waves of citrus.

This beer is taking some elements of the West-Coast style but ends up less bitter, with a strong punch of aromatic hop intensity. A crystal-clear IPA, super drinkable, packed with excessive hoppiness and a cleaner finish that will make you crave another sip

6.5% Pale Ale & IPA 440ML ALE COLD IPA ENGLISH BEER high-strength ipa vegan
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